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Day Herons
 Black-headed Heron
 Black Heron
 Capped Heron
 Cattle Egret
 Chinese Egret
 Chinese Pond-Heron
 Cocoi Heron
 Dimorphic Heron
 Dusky-gray Heron
 Eastern Reef-Heron
 Goliath Heron
 Gray Heron
 Great Blue Heron
 Great White-bellied Heron
 Great White Egret
 Green Heron
 Indian Pond Heron
 Intermediate Egret
 Javanese Pond-Heron
 Lava Heron
 Little Blue Egret
 Little Egret
 Madagascar Heron
 Madagascar Squacco Heron
 Pied Heron
 Purple Heron
 Reddish Egret
 Red-throated Heron
 Rufous-bellied Heron
 Snowy Egret
 Squacco Heron
 Striated Heron
 Tricolored Heron
 Western Reef-Heron
 Whistling Heron
 White-faced Heron
 White-necked Heron

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Day Herons
Tribe Ardeini

On this page are the references which we have used in our studies of the Day Herons (Tribe Ardeini). We also include other references for the benefit of those interested in further reading.

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