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Chinese Pond-Heron
Ardeola bacchus


The Chinese Pond-Heron (Ardeola bacchus) is natural to China, Taiwan, Indochina and some of the islands of Indonesia. Vagrants have reached Sri Lanka, Siberia, Korea, Japan and at least one made it to Alaska.


Places covered by not too deep water, such as: rice fields, swamps, and rivers and lakes shores.


More active during early morning and late afternoon, although it can be seen fishing anytime during the day or night.


Nests in the trees and among the high aquatic grass. The clutch is four to five eggs. Incubation takes about 25 days and it is done by both parents.


Fishes by standing on the water and remaining motionless.


It reaches a length of 45 cm.


The Chinese Pond-Heron in Spanish is called “Garcilla China”.

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