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Ross's Goose
Chen rossii

Ross's Goose (Chen rossii). Foto St. James Park, Londres, Inglaterra. Foto 2006.
Ross's Goose (Chen rossii)
in St. James Park, London, England


The Ross's Goose (Chen rossii) is natural to North America. It nests in the Northern Territory, Canada, and moves south to winter in California and bordering states. It is considered rare on the coast of southern California, USA.


During winter it is seen in the cultivated fields.


These geese nest solitary (as opposed to in colonies). The clutch is one to five eggs. Incubation takes 19 to 25 days and is performed by the female. The male stays close by during this time and protects the territory. The youngsters, which by this time are almost as big as the parents, fly at 40 to 45 days of hatching. They nest for the first time at three years of age, some females start at two.


The Ross's Goose feeds on the fields. Included in its diet are grains and seeds.


The males, which are a slightly bigger than the females, reach a length of 66 cm (about 26 inches), with a weight of 1.8 Kg. (about four pounds).

Two color phases: dark and white. The dark phase, which is not common, has ark gray plumage on the back of the head, neck and upper body. On the white phase the plumage is white except for the primary feathers that are black.

The beak is relatively short, of pinkish color with more or less reddish tint. The legs and feet are also pinkish with varying intensity of red.


The Ross's Goose in Spanish is called “Ganso de Ross”.

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