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Cape Barren Goose
Cereopsis novaehollandiae


The Cape Barren Goose (Cereopsis novaehollandiae) is natural to Australia and Tasmania. It nests on small islands south of Australia. It is seen in New Zealand, but is unknown whether these birds are natural visitors or in feral state (escaped or released from captivity).


This goose spends most of the time on beaches and fields where the grass is not too high.


This species is very terrestrial, more so than the other geese. During the molt or to avoid a threat it will turn to the water, freshwater, brackish or marine.

Usually seen in small groups that can count as many as three hundred individuals.


Nesting is in spread out colonies. Normally the nest is on the ground but it is also done in bushes and small trees.

A usual clutch is made up of three to six eggs. Incubation takes about 35 days and it is done by the female. Both parents, with much determination, defend the nest and later the gosling. Sometimes the goslings of a few nests, when they are about six weeks old, group together. They can fly at 70 days of hatching.


This goose feeds on different types of grass, grains and other vegetable substances.


In length it reaches from 75 to 100 cm (29.5 to 39 inches). The weight (both sexes) is 3.17 to 6.80 Kg. (7 to 15 pounds), the average for males is 5.29 Kg. (about 11.5 pounds), and the average for females is 3.77 Kg. (about 8.3 pounds).


The Cape Barren Goose in Spanish is called “Ganso del Cabo Barren”.

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