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United Kingdom Links

United Kingdom - Government Links.

The official web site of the British Monarchy

“The official web site of the British Monarchy. Information on the history of the Monarchy, today's royal family and the Royal Art and Residences”

Website of the UK government : Directgov

“Directgov homepage - UK public services all in one place”

Guide to government : Directgov - Guide to government

“Information about the United Kingdom and a step-by-step guide to government in the UK, from 10 Downing Street to the regions, from the Houses of Parliament to the European Union”

UK Parliament - Parliament

“United Kingdom Parliament website homepage”

10 Downing Street

“10 Downing Street website, the official website of the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Contains the latest news from the UK government, contact details for the Prime Minister, Prime Minister's speeches, press briefings from the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman and the history about Downing Street. Visitors to the website can also register to receive e-mail updates.”

National Statistics Online

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