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United Kingdom - Culture & Art Links.

British Museum - Welcome to the British Museum

“Welcome to the British Museum website. The Museum houses a vast collection of world art and artefacts and is free to all visitors. Search highlight objects of the collection and view current research projects. Find information about visiting, including admission and opening times, events and exhibitions, gallery guides and teaching resources.”

The Royal Ballet

“The official website of the Royal Opera House”

English National Ballet - From the Green Room

“English National Ballet is one of the world’s great ballet companies. The original 1950s vision for the Company - to take classical ballet of the highest quality to the widest geographical audience, at a price everyone can afford - remains the cornerstone of the Company’s philosophy today.”

• Some of the pictures we took in our visit to England:


   Street Performers in London: Some were very good, other, well, they were fun.

   Theaters in London: Art: An essential part of life.

   Clocks in London: Time made art.

   Columns in London: More than a pedestal, a work of art.

   Underground Murals: Art as part of the daily life.

Note: These links are presented here for the benefit of the reader. We respect and admire the work in them, but can not take responsibility for it. If you think any one of these links should be removed, please let us know at Mariano@Damisela.com. Thanks.

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