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Chongqing Links

Links to Government and Public Services in Chongqing, China

Chongqing Municipal Government

This Website has government information, industries, and tourism information. [English, Chinese]

Links related to Education in Chongqing, China

Chongqing University

University in Chongqing. [English, Chinese, other]

Links to News and Media

Chongqing Globe

“Daily news and current events.” [English]

Links related to Tourism and Trips


Chongqing by the China National Tourist Office. [English]

Chongqing Travel Guide

Tourism in Chongqing. Information about the province, pictures, maps, etc. [English]

Links to Maps and Orientation in General


Map of Chongqing Municipality with a brief introduction. [English]

Chongqing Province Map - Maps of China

“Chongqing Map. Regional map showing major cities and highways.” [English]

Information, pictures, maps, flags and everything in the Web
related to Chongqing, China, presented by:
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Note: These links are presented here for the benefit of the reader. We respect and admire the work in them, but can not take responsibility for it. If you think any one of these links should be removed, please let us know at Mariano@Damisela.com. Thanks.

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